Inspired by the darkness

Inger Wolf was born in Herning in Denmark in 1971, but spent the first ten years of her childhood in the city of Århus close to the forests and the sea. This beautiful place was later to be the fictitious  setting for several murder cases in her novels.

Inger started writing when she was around ten years old. When she was 15, she wrote her first book – a novel about a rock band. The book was never published, and more unsuccessful attempts followed before she finally had her first novel Sidespring (On the Side) – a book about divorce and motherhood – published in 2000 by Rosinante. In the meantime she studied English at a business school, and was now supporting herself as a freelance translator.

In 2001 Inger moved back to Århus and her old neighborhood – and the forests and the sea. Long walks in the surrounding nature became the inspiration for her first crime novel Sort Sensommer (Dark Summer) which was published by Modtryk in 2006. Dark Summer won the 2006 Danish Crime Academy Award as ‘Most Exciting Crime Novel Debut’, and the rights for the book were sold to Norway, Holland, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain. Since then six more books about Inspector Daniel Trokic and his team have been published – Frost og Aske (Frosh and Ashes) in 2008, Sangfuglen (Song Bird) in 2009, Hvepsereden (Wasp’s Nest) in 2011, and Ondt Vand (Evil Water) in 2012, Under en sort himmel (Under a Black Sky) in 2013 and Det perfekte sted at dø (The Perfect Place to Die) in 2014.

The first book in a series about psychiatrist Christian Falk, Brændte sjæle (Burned Souls) was published in the beginning of 2016, and the sequel, Kragemanden (The Crow Man) will be published March 2017.

Today, Inger lives on the outskirts of Aarhus with her 20 year-old daughter Cecilie. The household also includes a cat and a dog.